Seems like Jake just won’t shut up about this band business.

& for my sins...I just don’t seem to be able to say no to the poor dead for the record this was all kinds of brief & to the point before I let him get his bony fingerprints all over my nice short post.


[This stuff is his fault, anyway...]

[Not everybody has time for a new spot in their rotation & let’s face it a lot of new spots have been popping up since Kinjatown started feeling like skid row...]

[So here are a few options for your consideration - it’s hardly an exhaustive list but short of moving trawling for the Splinter commenter diaspora from hobby to full-time occupation I don’t see how anyone compiles one of those at this point.]

[First off we have Left of Dead which may be an acquired taste to those too short in the tooth to recall the heyday of usenet or IRC but might be thought of as either Kinja’s nearest thing to a WhatsApp group or a bunch of Slack channels.]

[& also makes for a great forwarding address should the worst happen...]

[But if all that clamouring on Discord is too...well...discordant for you...]

[...then perhaps you might prefer to follow the lead some have taken over at DeadSplinter, with blogs hosting your friends and soon hopefully you:]


[Or - since someone was kind enough to list us in the internet’s phone book itself - you could lend your posts to the bright sparks over at the little residency they picked up at Reddit:]

believe it or not...also from an Asterix strip...

[If the rag-tag revel of riotous rabble-rousing above the line at Splinter & Deadspin is a tragic loss to us all...then surely it’s equally true that not to have a spot or two where the voices below the line can pull up a soapbox or two from time to time would surely be another example of defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.]

[The sub-blogs of Kinja alone provide a genuine motivation for some of us to stick around to the bitter end...& since a fair few folks both contributed to & joined in the fun & games at SplinterRIP/DeadspinRIP there’s a spot here... ]


[...where I/we/whoever would be happy to see anyone who might like to stop by & provide another reason to hang around.]

[Either dead folk will see you wherever they build Jerusalem:]


[because (in the words of another Mötley Crüe) you lot...]

{Editor of the editor’s note (myopicprophet): No one is ever going to believe I wrote this.}

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